Western Extrusions

Western Extrusions

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Benefits of Membership to the TTMA

Driven by its commitment to quality customer service, Western Extrusions has established itself as a leading aluminum extrusions company. Western Extrusions maintains membership to a number of industry organizations, including the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA).

To qualify for TTMA membership, companies must maintain involvement in the manufacture of cargo tanks, truck trailers, and/or intermodal containers that feature a minimum of one axle capable of carrying at least 10,000 pounds.

In exchange for membership, TTMA members receive numerous benefits, such as instant notification of Federal Register changes and access to the TTMA legal team, which provides accurate updates about the industry. Members are also invited to regular TTMA events, where they can mingle with peers and develop business connections, plus member companies receive a listing on the TTMA website.

Further, TTMA membership offers access to industry leaders and contacts with the United States Department of Transport and Transport Canada. The TTMA also maintains a resource library that hosts over 200 industry-related publications.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Western Extrusions Packaging and Shipping Services

From its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, Western Extrusions is committed to being a leading supplier of extrusion products and is a member of a number of trade organizations, including the Aluminum Anodizers Council and the Aluminum Architectural Manufacturing Association. Placing workplace safety and customer service at the forefront of its priorities, Western Extrusions’ services include extrusions, finishing, fabrication, and its dedicated packaging and shipping services.

To protect the quality of each of its customized extrusions, the company creates bespoke packaging solutions that are adaptable to the size and configuration of the order. Among its packaging options are spiral wrapping, paper layering, foam layering, and master bundling, among others. Each can be tailored to specific client requests and requirements.

Further, the company maintains a team of shipping supervisors and coordinators who ensure loading accuracy through efficient operation of its loading bays. Each shipment is delivered through one of three reputable flatbed carriers and can be tracked via satellite, allowing the company to provide detailed and up-to-the-minute shipping information to its customers.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Western Extrusions' Fabrication Capabilities

A customer service-driven aluminum extrusion manufacturer, Western Extrusions strives to provide its clients with quality products. One of Western Extrusions' most valued aspects is its ability to meet customers' wide range of fabrication requirements.

The company is capable of being a single-source provider for all fabrication needs through its top-of-the-line machining centers which can reduce overall costs and reduce turnaround time. Its several double-head miter and triple-head miter saws allow for cuts up to 30 feet in length, while its batch saw allows for extensive 90-degree cuts to the same length. Westerns' punch presses are capable of performing up to 100-ton presses for customized punching, shearing, and notching. 

Pour and debridge capabilities are also offered for clients with aluminum thermal barrier needs. A low conductivity polyurethane resin is used to fill an extrusion cavity, and the resulting base, when hardened, forms a composite extrusion with energy conservation properties. The company's fabricating equipment also includes, but is not limited to, CNC mills, drill presses, custom benders, hydraulic punch tables, and an azo braider machine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

AEC 2017 International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition

A leader in the aluminum extrusion industry, Western Extrusions possesses one of the most technologically advanced extrusion lines in the country and offers a comprehensive range of custom fabrications and finishing services. Western Extrusions also supports the Aluminum Extruders Council, which is accepting entries for its 2017 International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition. 

The International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition presents students with an opportunity to win a scholarship award for their work in fields related to architecture, engineering, and design. Intended to provide students with a deeper understanding of the advantages of extruded aluminum profiles, the competition offers scholarships totaling $8,500 to students with the top four designs.

Judges look for entries that deliver the best demonstration of the benefits of aluminum extrusions. Students can invent new products or improve existing ones, provided they meet a set series of objectives. Judging criteria includes creativity, market potential, practicality, and improvement of process or product. Additionally, students must be in high school or enrolled in a two-year, four-year, trade, or technical school at the time of entry. Students may make team and individual submissions. 

Awards are presented for first through third place, with an additional award given to the winner of the LED Lighting Design Challenge. Entries for the 2017 competition are due March 25. For more information on entry criteria and submission requirements, visit aec.org/page/iaedc_index.