Western Extrusions

Western Extrusions

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Western Extrusions Packaging and Shipping Services

From its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, Western Extrusions is committed to being a leading supplier of extrusion products and is a member of a number of trade organizations, including the Aluminum Anodizers Council and the Aluminum Architectural Manufacturing Association. Placing workplace safety and customer service at the forefront of its priorities, Western Extrusions’ services include extrusions, finishing, fabrication, and its dedicated packaging and shipping services.

To protect the quality of each of its customized extrusions, the company creates bespoke packaging solutions that are adaptable to the size and configuration of the order. Among its packaging options are spiral wrapping, paper layering, foam layering, and master bundling, among others. Each can be tailored to specific client requests and requirements.

Further, the company maintains a team of shipping supervisors and coordinators who ensure loading accuracy through efficient operation of its loading bays. Each shipment is delivered through one of three reputable flatbed carriers and can be tracked via satellite, allowing the company to provide detailed and up-to-the-minute shipping information to its customers.