Western Extrusions

Western Extrusions

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Brief Overview of Western Extrusions Extrusion Services


Western Extrusions is a national producer of superior aluminum extrusion products. In addition to a steadfast commitment to high quality customer care, Western Extrusions is known for providing a variety of related extrusion services and support.

The company’s die shop, for example, is fully staffed with a team of knowledgeable and experienced tool and die technicians. These technicians operate with two main objectives. First and foremost, the die team seeks to meet the customized designed specifications for each and every client. In addition, technicians are proactive in making cost effective decisions whenever possible, saving clients both time and money.

Additional extrusion services are offered by the organization’s engineering staff. The Western engineering team is trained in the latest software and technology and have experience drafting die prints for virtually all aluminum-based applications. The team’s penchant for drafting direct, easy to read die prints help avoid tooling errors which can cost both time and money. To read more about die shop and engineering extrusion services, please visit www.westernextrusions.com.